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Examples download page

Sorry for the ugliness of this page. But here you can download the original files that were used for the YouTube channel uploads.

Note that YouTube applies an additional compression to files that are uploaded, for faster download. The result is that they appear differently than the original file, so seeing the original without the additional compression is important! 

For videos made by the Wolverine unit, this is actually a benefit! It smooths some of the grain and compression artifacts! So it can be a good tool for improving your movies. There are other tools that will also help your movie look better. These videos are examples to help you understand how to edit and modify your Wolverine-produced videos.

0001 - Child's Christmas - Full Length

Original file as generated by Wolverine Pro

1080p, MP4 file with default sharpness and exposure

Saved using Wolverine Defaults - 217 mb

0001 - Child's Christmas - Comparison File

Composite video combining different options

1080p, MP4 file with 16 second clips of:

  • default sharpness and exposure

  • high sharpness and default exposure

  • low sharpness and default exposure

  • default sharpness and brighter exposure

  • default sharpness and duller exposure

  • recap comparison of default against low sharpness

Saving using Premiere Elements ​HDTV 1080 25 - 343 mb

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