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Strategic business & marketing plans

All of the greatest marketing successes begin with the very same foundation - a solid business and marketing plan.

Your business plan and strategic marketing plan offer a roadmap for consistent direction, a strategy for implementation and guidelines for measuring success. Without strong plans, you may never know why you strayed off course or how to get back on track.

Social Media

Technology has empowered consumers. Word of mouth is now amplified 10,000 times. You can either leverage that multiplier or watch as your competition shuts you out of the conversation.

Social media focuses on participating in the discussions that already occur. It also opens two-way communication between you and the public. We'll help you start the conversations you want to have, and enter the existing conversations in which you you want to have a voice.


Copy writing

The difference between good copy and GREAT copy? A razor-sharp focus on your prospects' needs and motivations. A clear offer of value in their eyes aligned with your own marketing goals.

Most writers can create copy that flows and sounds good. But they don't have the background to ask the questions to create copy that motivates action. Our copy writing offers that experience and much more.


Great design is transparent. It segregates and emphasizes elements while  still tying them together. It pushes and pulls the reader in one direction or another without their ever realizing. We understand it's power and integrate it into everything we do.


Printed materials still play an important role in sales, even in the electronic age. Brochures, signage, mailers and other physical materials have the opportunity to move your prospect from interest to action. But they will only do that IF the materials are well constructed and IF they address the critical factors in your prospects' minds (and hearts).


Online advertising offers the opportunity to be seen exactly when people are searching for products and services just like yours. And  traditional media can still deliver cost effective results.

Selecting the right media mix is an important component of marketing success. We'll find the ultimate mix for your marketing needs, then create the messages that maximize response and lead to sales.


It's not just your logo and it's more than adding a clever tag line. They're both important, yes. But your branding efforts should extend far beyond those elements.

Effective branding intersects every part of your business. It is embedded in every contact with your customer and prospect. It is in the voice of your communications and your presentation of everything. It's the offer you make in your offer and promise you keep as people use your product or service.

If your brand doesn't stand for something, it stands for nothing. We'll help communicate your brand to everyone, including your own staff.

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