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Technology has amplified people's conversations by giving them a microphone and loudspeaker.

Social media offers interaction which conventional media was never designed to do. Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and others have changed the speed, frequency and reach of what we previously called word of mouth.

Social media offers organizations the ability to join in on the conversations which people already have. They can listen and react to what people are saying. They can also use it to begin and manage conversations of their own.


Transforming a four day event into longer-term interest

Events like the four-day Strawberry Festival  come with a challenge. People enjoy attending but have little interest before or after the event itself. It's all about the experience of being there.

We zeroed in on a single application of social media. By posting hundreds of people photos months in advance, we got previous attendees to visit the page. Then photographers posted hundreds of photos each day during the event. That drew attendees and their friends and family to visit.

Over 3,100 individuals to date have befriended the site. That offers a reliable and inexpensive way to communicate with the community about the next year's event and other related events. Visit the page: Brandywine Strawberry Festival.


Positioning as the central source for local health information

For nearly a decade, the foundation served a primary role as funds raiser and distributer for community's health and wellness concerns.

Social media planning plays a critical role in reaching the next stage. The key to success was becoming the recognized central source for all health information for the area. BHF began posting daily updates on community health topics and events. Links to published articles and other organization efforts placed BHF in the enviable position of being the central voice in all conversations and media.

Brandywine Health Foundation is now recognized as the organization most connected to the health and wellness of the community and to every other community organization.

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