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EXAMPLES: Direct Marketing

UNDER CONSTRUCTION: Come back another time



Some things should be designed to be simple. The Says Seth web site has just a few goals.

   1) To archive and make available

        the past Tweets

   2) To offer additional information

        on the forthcoming Says Seth


   3) To make it easy for people to

       sign up for the Twitter feed


By using just three carefully defined tabs, all of the information needed by the reader is available without confusion.

Technology synergy. This site utilizes a management console so a non-programmer can make changes as needed.

In addition, Twitter updates feed content to the left-most tab, avoiding the need to re-enter text into two different applications.




Some sites have a lot of ground to cover. By its very nature, a site focused on marketing services involves a great deal of material.

Copy. Graphics. PDF documents. Video. Audio. Just about every type of media and file you can imagine.

It requires an understanding of all the file types being used and how they will (or won't) work with web browsers. Knowing what will need to go into it and how to optimize file sizes.

It's a lot of detail work. Getting help from someone who's done it before is a VERY good idea.

Avoiding information overload.  Successful implementation for a website this dense is all about the planning you do up front.

And part of building an effective web site is knowing not just what to put in, but what to leave out.

You are building a complete story for others. But your readers will customize that story for themselves. They'll decide for themselves which parts they want to read. A great web site makes it easy for them to do just that, without losing the sale.

We have designed, redesigned and led project management for numerous web sites, including sites for:

Atlantic Credit Union (2 redesigns and implementations); First Financial Bank (redesign and implementation); Main Line Writers Group (design and implementation in process); Rouse Chamberlin Homes (complete redesign and implementation including underlying database specifications); galleries, , Voice In the Mirror (in process), and of course Zenker Marketing.

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